Hmm, what’s in this e-mail junk folder anyway?

28 May

I do not relish the pre-junk folder days of my e-mail account.  Navigating through the spam that was often quadruple my “valid” e-mails was a hassle- a first world hassle, but a hassle nonetheless.

I misplaced some bill information and I was looking online for a means to pay it electronically.  The company in questions will be back to me within two days to verify my online account… early aught technology at its finest.

So I went searching into the junk e-mail folder to see if this yet verified response would be lurk in the depths of poorly worded entreaties from Africa (they have to move their fortunes through me, dont’cha know?)  and other phishing expeditions of yesteryear.

What did I find?

  • Various foreign e-mail address offering my beta invitations to World of Warcraft’s latest expansion.  Sad to say when I was working two jobs a few years ago I was actually duped by one of these e-mails.  To be fair the one I feel for must have had an English as Second Language student going over the piece because it contained no errors on first glance. Of course, deconstructing it afterward there were signs I should have caught.  I don’t play the game anymore, nor do I have any interest in continuing.
  • I found an e-mail from the game Aion that was giving me a lecture on how it is illegal to attempt to sell my account.  No wonder I have been having such a hard time selling the account, I don’t have one!  I must have ended up on the sucker’s list on the dark side of the internet.  I would change my e-mail address, but I have had it for 11 years.  I am somewhat attached.
  • One of my favorites here is from Norton- it is a warning that I might not be protected by them and I should update now! Bingo, I am not, nor do I follow such commands from an e-mail! I use a few other products and my bolstered common sense from my earlier mistake with World of Warcraft to maintain a clean computer.
  • I was trying to figure out how I was receiving dating ones for so long.  I am happily married and I don’t visit sites that would put me on such a list, at least, I don’t  think so. After thinking about it I am guessing it might be from advertisements on sites I do visit. Even mousing over some can be detrimental to your spam box from what I have read. I am not sad to see them go, save the amusement of having a Christian Singles e-mail next to one with a more racy subject line.
  • There were no Nigerian money scams in the folder today. I worked with a man who fell for one of these.  While I followed a link that compromised a gaming account I don’t believe I would have ever fallen for something of this scale.  He brought the fake looking check to work one day. We all warned him not to continue.  He lost the undisclosed retainer he sent them and was stuck with a bank fee for the bogus check.

There were a few stores in the mix- I tend to junk box stores that send e-mails with annoying frequency.  I usually just delete the folder a page at a time, once the numbers get to the hundreds.  Perhaps we will see what gold (or painted rocks) are deposited to this folder another day.

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