Baby one out of two ain’t bad

26 May

I took out my prognosticating hat for the NHL playoffs- who I am I kidding, I am often found doing such things- and came up with a Cup final of Nashville vs New Jersey.

I was half right about the participants, but Nashville was dominated by the Phoenix Coyotes in a five game series that saw Nashville do something seldom seen in the world these days, let alone the world of sport- they held a standard even though it may have hurt the team.

Alex Radulov and Andrei Kostitsyn were suspended for game three of the round (they broke curfew) and while Nashville won the contest coach Barry Trotz sat them again for game four- a 1-0 loss to the Coyotes. Radulov and Kostitsyn are both scorers. I applaud Mr. Trotz for holding the line on accountability, but his carrying the message an extra game may have cost his team a chance to move further.

We have LA vs New Jersey for the finals.  I think LA has the more talented team top to bottom, but I love the story of Brodeur at the end of his run.  He has been a jerk, OK a downright asshole at times, but the story of the older athlete making one final push to glory is always a sell with me.

I am going with my heart on this one, made easier by no longer having an allegiance to the Sabres and pick New Jersey in six.

On an NHL related note, will any team take a chance with a 47 year old Dominator?  I think Hasek would be good for 20 games a year.  He might end up becoming a major headache in the locker room around playoff time though.  If he were in my locker room and he started making noise I would play footage of Darius Kasparitis in 2001 winning game 7 with a flimsy wrister.

Oh yeah, go Bills.


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