Victim or the Crime?

26 Apr

In Buffalo this week the trial of Dr. James Corasanti began. He is being charged with vehicular manslaughter, second degree manslaughter, leaving a deadly accident scene and tampering with evidence.

He hit Alexandria (Alix) Rice with his car on the night of July 8th 2011, that is not being disputed. His lawyers claim it was a tragic “mistake”.  Alix was launched just over half the length of a football field according to the opening statement by the prosecutors today.  It was also learned that the only thing that kept Alix from being decapitated was her skin not breaking.

Before the trial started stories started to leak that the defense was looking into Alix’s drug and behavioral issues.   As if it were not scummy enough behavior to leave the scene of the accident, surely you must agree that pointing out that there was some THC in her system was fair play right?  The man didn’t want to turn over his blood  for testing that night(a court order was obtained), but surely we must muckrake the victim.

I plan on following the Buffalo News for how this case develops.  I wonder how far Joel Daniels, Corasanti’s lead attorney, is willing to drag a dead girl in order to free his client.  I believe with all my heart that those accused of any crime deserve a right to defend themselves, but if this were Joe Funkstein, McDonald’s manager, would we be hearing about the human frailties Alix possessed?

I have thought of Alix’s parents from time to time since she was killed.  I can’t imagine the horror and pain.  I hope the judge confines the maligning of this young woman and I pray for justice and not another example of how money talks.


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