One bird, three little times

24 Apr

I probably cut my lawn half as much as my next door neighbor.  They have the 1950’s manicured lawn. Then again, I  don’t use herbicides on my lawn lawn. Where the two intersect it looks like a piece of pop art- they have a swatch of grass on the side of the driveway next to my house.

I appear to be one of the few people who does not treat their lawns for dandelions.  After a fresh cut most other people could pass off at least a portion of their lawn as artificial turf.  They look that unnatural, which I guess is my issue.   I am all for maintaining your lawn  but it gets to a point where people are attempting to alter nature, which is a rather silly goal in my estimation.

I don’t have an issue with making an aesthetically pleasing outdoor garden, my Mom happens to have a very nice one in the back yard.  There is a woman on the other side of the street who dresses up her front yard garden during the year, for just about every holiday you can imagine.  She even has a face she puts on the tree that changes.  My daughter loves it and my wife and I appreciate the woman’s creativity as well.

Every spring, for at least the last four years, a robin comes into the back alcove and attempts to build a nest.  I remove what we find and put down a strong smelling detergent. I have dealt with a fully built nest, thankfully it has never gotten to the point of eggs being laid.

This year the robin has been back three times already.  After the second build I was checking every few hours for any signs of building and it hit me that I am guilty of dictating to nature as well.  I don’t have plans to allow the bird to build there as I have two children in the house. It is not a large alcove and I don’t feel it is safe for the nest to be so close to the door.

I am however thinking of building (who am I kidding probably buying) a bird house for the back yard.  I know there are some restrictions on bird feeders, but I have no plans of putting one in. I think this could be a good learning experience for my daughter and for me.



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