Gregg Williams- Shoeless Joe only far more deserving

21 Mar

I will admit to disliking Gregg due to his time in Buffalo. I am glad the league has banned him indefinitely.  What he ran in New Orleans (and who knows where else?) turned the NFL field into a human version of a dog fighting ring.

I was impressed and equally surprised that Sean Payton was suspended for the year.  It was the right call.  Payton pleaded ignorance in regard to the program.  There is one problem with this defense. Payton is well known for his hands on approach.  I am sure the lack honesty played a roll in the length of the suspension.

There are many changes in the league that do not impress me however on this matter Roger Goodell has all my respect.  I am sure we will learn the fate of certain players soon.  It would appear that Jonathan Vilma is one player sure to see some form of suspension or fine.


The Bills signed Mark Anderson. I have not felt this strong about a Bills team since… last year… well sort of. Every year I have an unrealistic expectation for the team.  They made great strides the last two years. Most games they played from behind.  It will be interesting to see if the remade Defensive Line will have the impact all Bills fans are counting on.

Dwan  Edwards, Chris Kelsay and Spencer Johnson all are potentially on the chopping block.  I hope they try and find a trading partner for Edwards and keep the other two veterans.  You need to have good backups especially on the lines.   Even if they only received a 7th round pick for Edwards it would be a good deal. He is a 3-4 end and it appears that the Bills are most likely done with the hybrid and are strictly a 4-3 team.  I always admired Dwan’s energy.  He played through the whistle.


Tim Tebow to the Jets?  Have fun with that one Sanchez…

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