Medal of Honor- Allied Assault

19 Mar

I have been playing video games since my Father received a Atari 2600 as a gift.  It came with Asteroids.  I will always remember that because I famously said   “OHHHH look you get 1000 points if you shoot to  UFO.  I didn’t say it as if it were three letters. I said  YOU  FO.   I did not hear the end of that for quite some time. That is, until Jay Schroeder and Madden 90?  came out.  But that is a story for another day.

I had always gravitated to sports games first and other genres second.  There were notable exceptions along the way, but overall sports reigned. That changed with the purchase of my first PC.  I was getting ready to play some Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.

I remember acting just like a kid explaining the game to my friend Mike, reciting the box details like a neophyte-  ” You can play with 1,000s of people around the world Mike! We get to recreate World War II’s greatest battles!”

The single player campaign opens up with landing on Omaha Beach. Yes, it is very Saving Private Ryan. I didn’t get much further than that in the single player campaign. I was all about the interaction online versus other people.

The maps were well balanced. The weapons were well balanced.  The map design, on top of being balanced really offered many avenues for firefights.  The usual online gaming issues were prevelent- people using hacks to be able to see through walls and teams of ringers manipulating competition results.

Thankfully, for the most part I stayed out of competition, at least at the highest levels. I played with a group of guys who were fantastic. I still count two of them as friends that I met through playing the game.  I have actually met one of them in person.  High quality human being that guy.  It really was a stepping stone showing me that you could meet quality people without actually existing in the same physical space.

I developed quite a hair trigger reaction playing the game.  I know it improved my hand eye coordination by double. Things change fast everywhere though, nowhere faster than the world of video games. It had a long cycle, around 2 years, but not long enough for me. I played the game long after most people moved on.

Good times with this game.  Good times indeed.

And the song, eh, just in the mood for it.


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