Andre Derain

18 Mar

I am not sure if my appreciation for Derain spawned from some his work at the Albright Knox Art Gallery or one of my art classes but his style has always left an impression on me.

The Trees is a prime example of what I love about him- style wise and in terms of color choices. Yes, that is right I enjoy Fauvism. There is a bit of irony there.  The clashes with true color and representation are so out front there is no mistaking them for an attempt to fool the viewer, rather to get them to look at something in a different fashion.

The texture of the paint strokes is also very unrefined. It adds a lot to many works that otherwise wouldn’t be so engaging. I need to make a trip to the Albright soon.  It is a world class Art Gallery with many fantastic works.  It is a treasure of Buffalo that often gets overlooked.

I hope the Trees is on display.  They have such a large collection that it may not be in the rotation at this time.  My daughter is developing quite a style herself. It will be interesting to see what a trip to the will influence in her work.  I plan on studying Convergence by Jackson Pollock with her for some time.

Here is another example of a work of art featuring Trees that speaks to me.



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