Walk it Back

08 Mar

I have been blessed with a silver spoon in life when it comes to the passing of family members, meaning I have had to experience very little of it at age of 38.  Three of my four grandparents are still alive. My Grandpa Joe passed away in 2007 when I was 33 years old.  He was 85, almost 86 years old.  Three cheers for good genes and modern medicine! My maternal Grandfather suffered an aneurysm on Monday.  Against hard odds he pulled through the event and the surgery.

He is 86 years old.  He has some issues taking place.  I have welcome prayers and intentions on his behalf.  It is very hard on my Grandmother.  It is has been very hard on all of us.

The song Walk it Back is off R.E.M.’s final studio album Collapse Into Now.  It is one of those songs that is best served by listening to the lyrics being sung as much as what the lyrics say on paper.  I believe much of the power of this song lies in performance over the substance of the lyrics.

Much like any shared memories of my Grandfather are hard to convey in their awesomeness by anecdote- the experience was that wonderful and my talents that lacking.  He has the greatest laugh with a motion that is the definition of knee slapper when something really strikes him funny.  He is generous in many things including letting you know when you are acting like a knucklehead. It isn’t a bad thing. If he cares enough to let you know it you should probably examine your behavior and know if he didn’t care it wouldn’t have been brought up.

If they ever brought back Pepsi Light I would keep it in my house. .  It is seared into my brain that Grandpa drinks it. As much as I hate the thought that advertizing owns me like that, but this an exception worth making. I should probably always keep scotch in the house as well

I think of how much my Grandfather has played into my love the ocean and seafood.  Captain Jacks Henry’s was a seafood place near the marina where their boat was docked.  I remember many meals there as a kid. I was always pining for a Slush Puppy (they had the brand name).  I didn’t often leave disappointed.

I remember spending days with him on his Cape Dory Yacht, The Sand Dollar, fishing or just tooling around Long Island Sound. We would have lunch out on the water.  It has cemented a love of the ocean. I took 3 courses based on Oceanography and Marine sciences on my long path to the overrated piece of paper. I am an English Major. It was about as far into his world of science as I was adept at. He was a chemist for Union Carbide.

I will leave the memories at that for now, lest I sully their greatness by not breathing enough life into them. I will concentrate on the prayers and good intentions for his recovery.  He is one of the smartest people I have met in my life and I have always felt honored to have him as a Grandfather.

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