Gregg Williams

04 Mar

The Bills hired Gregg Williams in 2001 because he made great lists.  I shit you not, one of the things Tom Donahue cited when Gregg was hired. He had great lists. Lists of players. Lists of coaches. Lists of bounty amounts…. wait, he didn’t cite that one, but it is coming to light he had the program here.

It more than likely predated Buffalo.  He brought Eddie Robinson with him when he came to Buffalo. Supposition, or deductive reason perhaps?, suggests that Eddie may have been his inside guy to send this message with.  Eddie Robinson- he who was juked out of his pants by Chad Pennington. Ugh.

Gregg needed people pushing his message in the locker room.  Even Coy Wire admitted he never heard Gregg say it directly, just players in the room. Hmm,  Gregg used to have Eddie as his spokesman.  Let’s see, who followed him after that…. Pierson Prioleau followed Gregg around 4 different teams.   I will not be surprised when his name surfaces in all of this.

Of course there is always a Buffalo shame aspect. What is that you ask?  Well, we tried to pay for performance and got a 3-13 team.  New Orleans received that ever tarnishing Lombardi trophy.

It appears I jumped the gun when I complained about the league not punishing any of the principles, that appears incoming.   Now it will come down to how harsh they condemn these actions.  Some sources believe Peyton Manning’s neck issues stem from a hit in 2006 when Gregg was Defensive Coordinator for the Washington Redskins. The league suffered for not having Peyton this year, especially since it effectively eliminated the Colts from having a chance to win a Super Bowl being hosted in Indianapolis.

I know, I know, football is a violent sport. While I feel some recent rules have diluted the game (defenseless receiver rules especially) there should be limits to the violence, especially when the goal appears to be injury.  I still think the tackle on Gronkowski in the AFC Championship Game had nuances of extra twisting by the ankle (note- do not click on the link to being better at Madden it looks like it has bad intent- notice the

I will be watching this story with great interest.  I never liked Gregg Williams. He was a smug jerk to the fans, his lists did nothing for us and he has done nothing but bad mouth Buffalo since his departure. I have a list too Gregg- you are at the top of it- Worst Bills Head Coaches of All-Time.


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