Sports thoughts

02 Mar

– Are the Buffalo Bills really going to let Stevie Johnson walk away as a free agent?  I hope not.  I am already a nervous Bills fan (Ralph is not getting younger and larger markets want NFL teams) and recent history has not made me any more comfortable on this issue.

Stevie is one of the few bright spots of recent drafts. He was a 7th round pick who turned out to be an above average NFL receiver. To top it off what makes him above average is not the normal characteristics enhanced, rather his  unorthodox breaks off the line. It is hard to know what a guy is doing when he is James Brownish in his moves off the line. Herky, Jerky and where is he going?  Pay up Ralph. Today.

– I have been trying to watch as much hockey as I can find on TV.   Further proof that it is a niche sport- their own network only shows 3 to 4 games a week. I am holding out hope that the NBC Sports Network will attempt to acquire rights to 10-15 games a week.  They honestly don’t expect to make it with some of the drivel on there now, do they?  Tonight the NBC Sports features Ultimate Match Fishing, Strike King Pro Team Journal and Bassmasters Fishing.  Ugh.

– I think I can finally watch Sabres hockey again. No, not as a fan of the team, but a fan of watching hockey.  I may end up spelling out the whole stance on my divesting from the Sabres some day here, but today is not that day.  I watched parts of the Ducks and Sharks game and it was fairly boring as a not invested in the outcome viewer.  But boring hockey can win games, so good for the Sabres, I guess…  Go Winnipeg Jets!

– So Gregg Williams was guilty of Pete Carrollish bounties on opposing team’s superstars huh?  No fine, no suspension.  Are you kidding me? The Saints Super Bowl run looks a bit tainted to me at this point. Violent game or not complicity by coaches in this sort of behavior is bad for the game.  I hope (but doubt) the NFL Network runs some 2009 playoff film soon.  I am sure it will be eye opening watching them with this new information in mind.

– I hope the Maple Leafs end up out of the playoffs. They certainly have done a good job of helping that be the case. They have been awful of late. I am not sure firing Ron Wilson will solve their issues.  I certainly hope not. Blow Leafs Blow.



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