Final Conspiracy

25 Feb

I am a homebody. If I am given a choice of going out or staying in for the evening, well 97% of the time I will take the latter.  A friend from work has a daughter in a local band, Final Conspiracy. I admire how supportive Chris is of his daughter. Last night was the third time I broke out of my cocoon and went to a Final Conspiracy show.

Last night show was at the Guerrilla Gallery on Elmwood, near Forest.   It was the smallest venue I have been to for one of their shows.  While the sound levels didn’t seem quite right (the vocalists were often drowned out) they sounded more confident, more polished then the other two shows I was at.

Final Conspiracy is a hard rock/punk, by their own definition. I am more of a Classic Rock and 90’s alternative guy, but they hit on many of the things I like about music- excellent guitar work and evocative singing and they have fun up on stage.   As long as they play locally I plan on going to two or three shows a year.

On stage before Final Conspiracy was Billy Draws Two. While they are not a style I would normally seek out I was pretty entertained by them. They had a clever medley of songs that had everything from The Ghostbusters theme song to Thriller and some New Kids on the Block.

They also felt the need to re-purpose Brittany Spears “Hit Me Baby One More TIme”. They did a nice job with it I suppose, but following the medley it fell flat for me.

They played two songs where the bass was more upfront and I enjoyed those most of all. They had some great harmonizing as well.

I will leave you will some Final Conspiracy.



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