I miss hockey

19 Feb

Last night I watched the final period of the Canucks/Maple Leafs game.  I started to realize how much I missed watching hockey regularly. When I was of the mind to watch the Sabres I watched almost every game from start to finish, provided it was on TV.

When I had jobs that kept me away from the TV (I have a funny story related to that I could share some day)  I would listen to every game on the radio. Hockey was a hobby.  There are not many choices other than the Sabres available. Sure, MSG carries Ranger, Islander & Devil games in our market from time to time, but the league has a horrid TV presence.

I really should purchase an antenna to pick up CBC (FiOs doesn’t carry the Canadian stations) but really, shouldn’t the NHL Network carry more games? They also need to give a better price to their NHL Center Ice package. The online version is $80 from this point until the end of the season. I am tempted, but that is too steep for me.

The NHL seems unwilling to see the truth of their situation- hockey is a niche sport, at least in the US.  They should move another struggling team or two back to Canada and allow the game to be hockey- don’t monkey around with the rules so much… strike that, I mean enforce the rules.

I was so excited about hockey after last night I watched the Sabres/Penguins game today. Some thoughts that came to my mind from watching hockey these last two days:

  •   Derek Roy still annoys me to no end. What a selfish player. When Pominville gave him a bad feed on a hatrick opportunity Roy made sure to hog the puck on the power play and turned it over.  I don’t miss watching him every few days.
  •   From reading the News and hearing it on WGR it seems that Drew Stafford is up to being Drew Stafford now that he has his new deal. What isn’t Drews fault is the poor officiating. It is probably guided by the home office, but obstruction is certainly back in the game.Stafford attempted to dump the puck past the Penguin defenseman and chase it. He got a glove to the chest and pushed to the middle.  Right after the lock out they enforced obstruction rules. For the game to be healthy they need to let the skill guys play.
  • I don’t get why people hate the Sedin brothers so much. I watch them play precision hockey every chance I get. Sure, it isn’t a very physical style… OK it isn’t physical at all, but it reminds me of LaFontaine/Mogilny during their time.  I think there is some Don Cherryesque xenophobia at play.
  • The players union needs to get realignment done soon. The Winnepeg Jets are going to be stuck in the Eastern Conference for another season. Between the extra travel costs and the fact their home arena is very small (it only holds 15,004. The First Niagara holds 18,690) the whole business end of it is working against them.

One of the best matchups in hockey history I believe- Domi/Ray.  I didn’t realize it was 13 fights.

Of course an appropriate Phish selection- Punch You in The Eye

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