Who needs sleep?

18 Feb

Me.  At least I would like more than I get.  Lately I wake up within the first hour of falling asleep feeling really awake.  So I find a news article to read online or perhaps a forum to read up on.  I have had thoughts of doing cleaning, but I am loud during the day and that is with other noise competing. The best I can hope to accomplish are some washed dishes.

I have not been a very good sleeper in a long time and I guess it may only seem worse now because my schedule is more active.

I have found the joy of the 15-20 minute nap. Sometimes it isn’t even a nap, it is more “resting my eyes and body.  I take one of these almost every day after getting home from work.  I am exhausted when I get home and this nap allows me to go for close to seven hours longer.

I used to scoff at a nap of less than an hour.  I wouldn’t say I was haughty about it, but I was rather convinced  that was something that wouldn’t change.  Wrong and very glad about it.

Usually every week, two weeks, sometimes three I have a nice crash night, where I get a good 6-7 hours solid without waking up. I’m due.



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