Old work

11 Feb

Old writing. Boy do I like to hang my hat on it. Millions of other ideas crash to and fro in my grey matter. Do I give them a fair shot to move out of that quasi ether and onto some medium to perhaps  be sorted out later. No, what sense would that make.

Anyway (as my friend Charles is want to say), I will put some of my old favorites here. Hopefully they will satisfy me hanging in this digital media half as much as Han in carbonite pleased Old Jabba the Hutt.

Here is a poem I wrote last summer. One of my friends, well a few thought it was rather depressing or negative at first. I guess it depends on how you tilt the picture.


Locked Out

Reconstituted History

Falling waters to the lock

Seagulls sharing apples

with me, searching for that spark

New mixed with old

debris pooled & swirling

at the base, debased

a condom dangles from a limb

as used & polluted as

most peoples direction

Drained as that former

erection, selection

as unnatural as

the inflection

that whines for me

over we.



I think of it as more of an indictment than a negative or depressing piece, but I can see how it could come across that way. It is really just classic sanctimonious and slightly obtuse Jon.  But I do like some of the lines.

Now, for our Phishy phinish.


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One response to “Old work

  1. Balazs

    02/19/2012 at 1:36 AM

    I have never been an imaginative writer but there are times I want words to the plinkity plonkity electronic music I create. I should try using your writing to a piece or two. Don’t worry, you can have 100% of the money I don’t make off of it. And I can send you a copy too =)

    Oh and also:


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